Aug 17, 2022

Service of Badminton

A serve is hit across the court at an acute angle. The server and the receiver must be on diagonally opposite sides of the court during the service without touching the boundary lines. The point at which the racquet can make contact with the shuttlecock during service must be below the server’s waist. When everyone is set, the service will officially begin with the first forward movement of the server’s racket. The server must wait until the customer is ready to receive their food. Nonetheless, if a service restoration is attempted, the receiver will be deemed prepared for it.


A point is scored after a series of shots have been exchanged between both teams during a rally, which begins with a serve.

The standard badminton score is three games times 21. (points)
Since its inception in December 2005, the 3 (game sets) x 21 (points) scoring system has been utilized in all professional competitions.

Some recreational players (especially those who have been playing badminton for many years) still use the old scoring system, in which the winner is determined by the best of three games, played to 15 points for men and 11 points for women, even though this is no longer the official scoring system.

A badminton match consists of three games according to the current tournament regulations. The best two out of three rounds will determine the victor.

The first person or team wins a game to score 21 points.

The winning person or team receives a point.

If the score reaches 20-20, the set can be won by either player by earning a 2-point advantage (e.g., 22-20, 23-21, 24-22, etc.).

If the score reaches 29-29, the side that scores first will win the set and serve in the next game.

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