Aug 17, 2022

The fundamentals of badminton

Here is a concise list of the badminton rules as stated by the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

Badminton scorekeeping

The format for all singles and doubles matches is best-of-three. The first team wins a game.
It reaches 21 points.

Every serves results in a point, which goes to whichever team wins the rally. The following serve goes to the victorious team.

If the score is 20-20, a team must win the game by two uncontested points. The first player to score their 30th point wins if the score is 29-29.

Getting the point

If the birdie (shuttlecock), including the lines, lands in the opponent’s half of the court, a point is scored.

Therefore, if a shot lands outside the lines of the court, if the birdie hits the net or goes through it or beneath it, or if a player hits the birdie twice with their racket, a point may be forfeited.

Before making a shot, players must wait for the birdie to cross the net. Although you can follow through over the net, doing so will result in giving up points.

Badminton serving techniques

Players must serve diagonally into their opponent’s service box and hit the birdie from below waist height. Until the service is made, neither player may move.

When there are an equal number of points, the server in singles will serve from the proper service court starting from that side. Players always benefit from the left when they have an odd number of issues.

As long as they maintain scoring points, each player keeps their serve.

In doubles, as long as the team keeps scoring points, the server will begin on the right side and continue serving while switching sides with their teammate.

The serving side assumes they serve if the receiving side wins the point. The player who did not help initially for each team will now only serve after their side has won a moment as the receiving side.

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